Follow our guide to making an awesome Archer profile

You’re on Archer, you’re ready to put your irresistible self out there, and you’re ready to make some connections. Werrrrrrrrk. But building an eye-catching gay profile might actually take a little work. Or does it? Here are some of our fave tips on how to make a good gay dating profile that hits every target…and then some.

They never forget your first.

Photo, that is. We’re talking about the face pic of all face pics. Maybe it’s with the smile that melts the coldest hearts, or the devastating stare that keeps any thumb from scrolling. Or the pic your mom keeps in a tiny heart-shaped frame on her dresser. Yes, THAT ONE. This is the place to use it! Whether you choose a photo showing off your dazzling smile or a smoldering stare is up to you, but keep these tricks in mind for the best first photo:

  • Upload a photo of you and only you, looking directly at the camera
  • No sunglasses—the people want to see those pretty eyes!
  • This isn’t 2009; avoid blurry, grainy, old photos. Pick something recent.
  • And even though it is 2023, do not use an AI-generated image in your likeness for your avatar photo—people want to see the real you!
  • Ask your friends for advice! You may love one photo, but four out of five of your friends prefer another—go with that one.

Don’t strike too many poses.

Unless you were on the red carpet recently (and if you were, we’re jealous), try to share pics that are less about posing for the camera and more about you living your fabulous life. Seeing you make backyard pool cannonballs instead of standing for that selfie at Starbucks makes you more intriguing. Unlike with your main avatar photo, you can add AI-generated images based on your actual likeness in your lifestyle pics, if that’s what you’re into.

Be honest.

From friends to fun to finding the one, Archer is the place for all of it! So don’t be shy about being honest about what you’re looking for. And if you don’t know what you’re looking for, be clear about that, too. You don’t want a huge question mark hanging over your profile, and honesty is always hot.

Don’t just say it, show it.

If you’re not afraid to talk the talk about your hobbies, skills, and other magic powers in your dating profile bio, don’t be afraid to show it through some photos. You know what they say: Pics or it didn’t happen. Archer’s the perfect place to share more because our profile structure allows you to share tons of pics as well as more info about yourself in your bio and profile details. Feel free to add you Instagram handle in your bio, too—just make sure it’s not the only thing there.

About that private album…

It’s there for a reason, right? Your private album is only visible to the people you share it with, and you can retract their access at any time.

Use tags, tags, and more tags.

In our big gay dating world, there are all kinds of men out there searching for all kinds of things. How many of those things will lead them to you? Only one way to find out!

Spell check the s*it out of it.

You’re/your. Lose/loose. You know what we’re talking about here. This isn’t a 3 AM ‘u up?’ text, it’s the first thing someone learns about you. So before you post it, take a breath and take a very close look. We’ve seen too many gay dating app profiles that have spelling cringes for days.

Fill out optional fields.

There are some fields in your profile that aren’t required, but we recommend you fill out as many as you’re comfortable with. Guys join Archer because they’re excited about the honesty we promote via selfie-verified profiles and more. So go ahead and share what you’re open to, your safety practices, and more so people can learn more about you and see if you’d be a good fit—for whatever you’re both looking for.

Get a second opinion. Or a third.

Make your bestie, sis, or work husband earn their keep by getting their thoughts on your profile. They can remind you of your superior pancake-flipping skills, or that your left side is actually your better side. Maybe both sides are great, and they have the perfect pic of it. Getting another pair of eyes always helps you see yourself in flattering ways you might have missed.

Switch it up.

Get a new job? A new cat? A new nose? No judgment here, but let the world know. Updating your profile pics and bio on a regular basis attracts more views, and potentially the attention of someone you’ve been eyeing yourself. 

Play around with these tips and see who notices. You never know, you might achieve Gay Profile of the Year status (it’s not a thing, but you know what we mean). Now get it.