We answer all your questions on what Archer is, who it’s for & more

Archer is a brand-new gay dating app! And you may have questions. We get it. We can’t help that we’re so intriguing. Even if you’re tried other apps before, Archer offers a new experience to help you connect with men near you. And that’s kind of a big deal. So here are answers to some of your biggest, burning questions:

Who is Archer for?

Are you a gay man looking to meet other gay men? Bam! Archer is for you.

We made Archer for everyone in the gay community: bears, otters, twinks, twunks, queer kids, queens of their own infinite universe, and everyone in between. From friends to hookups to finding the one, the possibilities are endless here. And all are welcome to discover them!

What makes Archer different from other gay dating apps?

Other than our devastatingly obvious X factor, Archer is different because we celebrate authenticity. Who you are really matters! That’s why we require all profiles to be selfie-verified, because YOU should be celebrated and seen for who you really are. Plus, it helps people feel more comfortable meeting up in-person.

Our Archer Health Hub also sets us apart. It’s important to us for you to have health and wellness resources at your fingertips. Our Health Hub provides numerous resources, from free HIV tests that can be sent right to your door, to a testing center locator, to regularly updated tips from experts on sex and wellness, from top to bottom.

We’ll also be offering tons of social features such as group chat, content posting, and more so everything you’re looking for to connect with others can all be found on one app: Archer.

Why do I need to selfie-verify my avatar photo?

We have two major reasons for selfie-verification. 

First of all, we love that good-looking mug of yours. Everybody does, really.

Second of all, your safety is important to us. Selfie-verification means that everyone you’re connecting with on Archer should be representing who they really are. No masks or fakes allowed! This means we’re hoping to foster a transparent community where you feel safe. It also means you can feel more confident about making a genuine connection with someone. And take our word for it, there are a lot of cute someones on Archer 😉

Is Archer safe?

Real talk: Your safety is our top priority. Not only do we require selfie-verification, but we also  have safety filters (using trained humans) to review potentially harmful interactions. We want nice guys only on our turf! 

You also have the power to block a profile, or report someone for suspicious behavior or harassment, at any time. We worked with RAINN to build a comprehensive reporting flow so you can easily block and report any illegal, suspicious, or inappropriate content or behavior. 

And before anyone can send a message on Archer, they first must agree to the Archer pledge. By taking our pledge, you agree to treat everyone respectfully and abide by our guidelines that do not tolerate harassment, hate speech, scamming or spamming of any kind. 

Check out our safety resources and tips to learn more.

What new features are coming soon?

We have tons of things in the works, and a lot of these features are coming because you asked for them!

  • Tag search, so you can find people with shared interests
  • Group gay chat
  • Social feeds, with photos, video and live updates
  • Heat maps
  • IRL safety features for sharing your location with friends
  • And more!

Honestly, how many free gay dating apps have this many perks? Just sayin’. 💅

Why did he just ghost me?


Got more questions? Suddenly decided you want to be an Archer expert? Just head over here to learn more about everything we do.