Take your experience to the next level with Archer Gold, our new premium subscription. 

Private Mode: Go incognito

Keep your love life a secret from nosy onlookers. With Private Mode, dive deep into the dating pool without anyone knowing—unless you want them to. When you’re in Private Mode, the only people who can see your profile are the ones you’ve followed, liked, or messaged. Turn Private Mode on or off whenever you want, your call!

Teleport Mode: Travel far without leaving home 

Teleport Mode lets get out beyond your regular search radius, from the next neighborhood to across the state lines. Start chatting with local other Archer members from wherever your heart desires. Great for long weekends, vacations or just to see what’s out there. 

Advanced Filters: Find the perfect one… or ones 

While everyone enjoys basic sorting by age or interests, as a Gold member you’ll get to hone your searches even more. Zero in with filters like Distance, Height, Weight, and Looking For Me, which lets you chat with Archer users who are looking for someone just like you. 

Viewed Me: All eyes on you

Curious who’s been admiring your profile? Gold members get the full scoop on who’s peeking, not just yesterday, but today and any day in the past week. No more guesswork!

Read Receipts: Check out if they’re keeping you on read

We’ve all been there, You sent a message and are now wondering if they missed it. Read Receipts get rid of those “did-they-read-it” worries. You’ll know right when your message caught their eye.

Upgrading to Archer Gold, available in weekly, monthly, and multi-month plans, is just a tap away. Ready to go for Gold?